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Watercolour using water from the Rio Grande River, Jamaica
and Pen & Ink on Canvas
48×96 inches
Island II is a personal work that speaks to an ever-burning mantra of keeping one’s majic alive. The red crescent moon doubles as an eclipse where the crescent serves as a sign of resistance always to keep one’s true essence shining through no matter how hard society might try to mask it. The figure looks towards the red moon as a true north to guide him through the expansive world and the Purple Heart plants he sits on is a symbol of tranquillity that keeps him grounded on his journey.
The Night Blooming Cereus around the figure speaks to spiritual growth, strength and purity. In addition, the stance of the figure is reflective of hills and mountains in the way his arms and legs bend. This serves as another reminder that in this world, we are as large as we make ourselves out to be.